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The Author.

Selected Titles by Bestselling, Award Winning, Author

Anthony R. Howard

The Invisible Enemy: Black Fox

There is a Secret That Will Bring America to it's knees.

Click Here to View The Invisible Enemy: Black Fox
The Invisible Enemy II: Vendetta

First They Were Operatives. Now it's Personal.

Click Here to View The Invisible Enemy II: Vendetta
The Invisible Enemy: Black Fox Audiobook

Experience the Audio Drama of the Next Generation

Click Here to View The Invisible Enemy: Black Fox Audiobook
The Invisible Enemy: Black Fox Audiobook

What Happen if the Creator Returned Today?

Click Here to View Devil's Diary: The Coming

The Consultant.

The Technologist.

Named #1 IT Superhero by InfoWorld &  ComputerWorld

Selected National Media Appearances

The Micheal Eric Dyson Show

Listen to the bestselling Author on the Nationally Syndicated Micheal Eric Dyson Show

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Fox News

The Dismounted Soldier Project: Saving U.S. Soldiers Lives with New a 3-D battle Simulator

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Billy the Brain Show

Listen to the interview with the Bestselling author on KKZZ 1400 AM with Host Billy the Brain on ``The Death of Osama Bin Laden``

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Going Behind the Scenes in Counter Terrorism

Listen to the Bestselling Author on ``Breaking News`` - With Host Mark Cope KXYL 96.9 AM. Topic: ``Real Life Espionage``

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The Brock & Russ Show

Listen to the Bestselling Authur onsite in the Brock & Russ Studio as they dive deep into the realm of Espionage. Topic: Spy Games

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Across America Show

Listen to the Bestselling Author on Across America, with host Gary Freeman. Topic: To Catch a Spy

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A Measure of Truth Show

Listen to the Department of Defense Chief Systems Architech Discuss Covert Technology on A Measure of Truth, with Host Michael Fordham

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Conversations LIVE Show

Listen to the Interview with the Bestselling Author on ``Conversations Live!`` 92.9 FM California. Topic: ``The 3 Things Every Civilian Must Know About Technology``

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The Marcel Show

Listen to the Bestselling Author on the Marcel Show Topic: Is the Technolgy in the Bestselling Novel The Invisible Enemy: Black FoxReal or a Myth?

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Geek. Nerd. Tech. Show

Listen to the Department of Defense Chief Systems Architect on BHL. Topic: Secrets the Tech Industry Doesn't Want You to Know

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TV20 WSBI News

Listen to the Chief Systems Architect Face Tomorrows Leaders at the School of Business & Industry Forum

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Virtual Combat Training System

U.S. soldiers, leaders, and units can now train in a virtual environment to increase the quality of instruction and combat preparedness, while at the same time reducing traditional training expenses.

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Selected National Media Articles & Whitepapers

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InfoWorld Spotlight: 7 IT superheroes — and their fatal flaws

“Stock your organization with these seven IT miracle workers, but beware the dark side of their superpowers run amok” Magazine: The Ultimate Spy Thriller

“If you have ever wondered where action filmmakers get their ideas for exciting screenplays, wonder no more. Anthony R. Howard is responsible for one of this decade’s most thrilling page-turners.”

IT World Feature Article: Modern Warfare Meets Actual Warfare

“Unlike with the Xbox, you only get one life in the trenches,” Howard says. “This technology helps our troops come home safely.”

MBA Magazine: Get an Edge with Transferable Skills

“Those who choose not to apply their transferable skills will find themselves at a disadvantage compared to other favored candidates who seamlessly integrate into the unwritten rules of the chosen organization.”